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New Moms' OCD Is Common, Study Suggests

New moms who repeatedly check their babies' breathing, or worry about germs in their bottles may be reassured to know that these thoughts and behaviors are common, a new study suggests.

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How Babies Learn to Fear Heights

Babies may be able to show sympathy before their first birthday, according to a new study in which 10-month-olds preferred the victims rather than the aggressors in a bullying encounter.

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Newborn's Infection Came from Probiotics, Study Suggests

Probiotics, or "good bacteria," are generally thought to be safe for most people, but a newborn in Poland appears to have developed an infection after he was given a probiotic product, according to Read More >>>

Using Pot While Pregnant Not Tied to Birth Risks

A baby in Brazil who became infected with Zika in the womb still had the virus in his body for months after he was born, according to a new report of the case.

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