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Caesarean Section Rates Hit All-Time High, Study Shows

Rates of Caesarean section deliveries in the United States climbed to 34 percent in 2009, hitting an all time high, a new study says.

Florida, New Jersey and Texas had the highest rates, while Utah, Read More >>>

Women with Heart Disease More Likely to Have Baby Girls, Study Finds

Pregnant women with heart disease are more likely to give birth to girls than boys, according to a new study from Iran.

The study involved 200 pregnant Read More >>>

New Moms' OCD Is Common, Study Suggests

New moms who repeatedly check their babies' breathing, or worry about germs in their bottles may be reassured to know that these thoughts and behaviors are common, a new study suggests.

The results show Read More >>>

How Babies Learn to Fear Heights

Babies may be able to show sympathy before their first birthday, according to a new study in which 10-month-olds preferred the victims rather than the aggressors in a bullying encounter.

The research, Read More >>>

Drugs Used in Newborns Need Better Study, Docs Say

Many medications commonly given to newborns still have not been officially approved for use in this very young population, despite recent law changes encouraging the study of drugs in children, a new Read More >>>

Newborn's Infection Came from Probiotics, Study Suggests

Probiotics, or "good bacteria," are generally thought to be safe for most people, but a newborn in Poland appears to have developed an infection after he was given a probiotic product, according to Read More >>>