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Newborn Genetic Test Catches Rare Diseases Earlier

A new technology can diagnose rare genetic disorders in critically ill newborns within a few days, rather than the weeks that are needed with current methods, researchers say.

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Cluster of Rare Birth Defects Under Investigation

Health officials are investigating a cluster of serious birth defects in a region of Washington State, but still have not identified any common factor linked with the cases.

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Zika Infection Linked with Rare Joint Birth Defect

A small number of babies infected with Zika virus in the womb have developed a rare birth defect involving muscle weakness and stiff joints, according to a new report of the cases.

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Twins Conjoined at Head Now Separated: What Causes Rare Condition?

Twin boys who were born joined at the head are now successfully separated after they underwent a rare surgery that took more than 20 hours, doctors announced today.

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