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Baby's Cells Mix and Mingle with Pregnant Mom's

During pregnancy, and even decades later, a baby's influence on mom runs deep — cell deep. While the fetus develops inside the womb, its cells mix and mingle with the mother's after traveling through Read More >>>

A Sweet Way to Calm Infants During Vaccination

Babies born to women who received the H1N1 (swine) flu vaccine while pregnant are not at increased risk for birth defects or other adverse outcomes, according to a new study from Denmark.

The findings Read More >>>

Smoking While Pregnant Harms Kids' Motor Skills

Women who smoke during pregnancy risk harming their future child's coordination and motor abilities, especially those of boys, a new study suggests.

The dangerous effects of smoking during pregnancy Read More >>>

Using Pot While Pregnant Not Tied to Birth Risks

Smoking marijuana during pregnancy doesn't appear to increase the risk of preterm birth or other harmful birth outcomes, a new review study suggests.

The researchers did initially find a link between Read More >>>

Pregnant Giraffe Keeps Anxious Viewers Waiting

Millions of internet viewers are tensely following the video feed featuring a pregnant giraffe named April. And more than one month after the animal's distended belly took the internet by storm, the Read More >>>