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New Formula Calculates Baby's Obesity Risk

A new formula may be able to predict a child's risk of obesity as soon as they are born, researchers say.

The formula estimates the child's obesity risk based on his or her birth weight, the body mass Read More >>>

Water Births May be Risky, Doctors' Groups Say

Babies delivered by Caesarean section may be at increased risk of becoming obese later in life, a new study suggests.

In the research, which included more than 38,000 people from 10 countries, the odds Read More >>>

Mothers' Obesity Linked with Biologically 'Older' Newborns

Babies whose mothers are obese may be biologically "older" than babies whose mothers are a normal weight, a new study from Belgium suggests.

Researchers analyzed information from 743 mothers ages 17 Read More >>>