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Breast-Feeding and Co-Sleeping with Baby Affects Mom's Welfare

The decisions whether to breast-feed and share a bed with the baby not only affect the welfare of the infant, but also the mother, a new study finds.

The women in the study with the best stress hormone Read More >>>

Is Your Toddler Overweight? Most Moms Can't Tell

Mothers often don't realize when their toddler is overweight, a new study suggests.

In the study, more than two-thirds of moms misjudged the size of their toddlers, with mothers of overweight children Read More >>>

The Facts on Moms & Breast-Feeding (Infographic)

Less than one-quarter of babies in the U.S. are still being breast-fed 12 months after birth, according to a 2011 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's nutrition branch. In sharp Read More >>>

Baby's Cells Mix and Mingle with Pregnant Mom's

During pregnancy, and even decades later, a baby's influence on mom runs deep — cell deep. While the fetus develops inside the womb, its cells mix and mingle with the mother's after traveling through Read More >>>

New Moms Reveal the Truth About Postpartum Sex

Starting up sex again after the birth of a child can be a fraught issue for new parents. Now, a new study finds that much of what drives women's desire in the postpartum period are not physical factors, Read More >>>

New Moms' OCD Is Common, Study Suggests

New moms who repeatedly check their babies' breathing, or worry about germs in their bottles may be reassured to know that these thoughts and behaviors are common, a new study suggests.

The results show Read More >>>

Mom's Anxiety May Suppress Baby's Immune System

Mom's anxiety during pregnancy may influence the development of her baby's immune system, new research finds.

Infants whose mothers experienced high anxiety during pregnancy had suppressed immune responses Read More >>>

The Truth About How Mom's Stress Affects Baby's Brain

DENVER — My daughter is sitting in a high chair, watching a black-and-white robot almost as big as she is bust a move.

A Vegas floor show this is not, but for a 7-month-old, a dancing robot is either Read More >>>

Oh Baby: Giving Birth 10 Times May Reduce Mom's Cancer Risk

Women who give birth to 10 or more children may have a reduced risk of cancer, a new study from Finland suggests.

Researchers examined cancer risk in nearly 5,000 Finish women who gave birth at least Read More >>>