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Pamper Your Baby's Skin With These Essential Skincare Products

Keep your baby's skin soft and hydrated with these essential products

Have you noticed how super tender your baby's skin is, which immediately becomes red even if you grip it lightly? That is why holding Read More >>>

The Embarrassing Discussion On Genital Care For Babies

Know important facts about genital care for your baby

Just last week my baby started to pull out his little thing out of his diaper. Entire day he would keep tugging on to it, and pee all around the Read More >>>

Breast-Feeding and Co-Sleeping with Baby Affects Mom's Welfare

The decisions whether to breast-feed and share a bed with the baby not only affect the welfare of the infant, but also the mother, a new study finds.

The women in the study with the best stress hormone Read More >>>

Autism Risk May Be Revealed in Babies' Cries

Testosterone in men is often associated with sowing wild oats rather than taking care of babies, but a new study finds that in some situations, hearing an infant's cry can actually boost this sex hormone Read More >>>

Women with Heart Disease More Likely to Have Baby Girls, Study Finds

Pregnant women with heart disease are more likely to give birth to girls than boys, according to a new study from Iran.

The study involved 200 pregnant Read More >>>

Baby Cured of HIV: What Are the Implications?

The announcement that a baby in Mississippi has been allegedly cured of an HIV infection could have implications for other HIV-infected infants, and perhaps even adults, according to experts.

But before Read More >>>

A Mini Encyclopedia For Your Newborn's Skin

Get crucial info about your newborn baby's skin

Once you hold your baby in your arms for the first time, you are overwhelmed with emotion. The tiny, pink thing in your arms will grow under your love Read More >>>

Women who survived cancer as children can reap the same health benefits by breastfeeding their babies that other women do, according to a new review.

The review of 44 studies shows that breastfeeding's Read More >>>

Mom Confesses She Skips Daily Baths for Baby

How often should a newborn be bathed? One mother recently confessed that she doesn't put her 3-month-old son Charlie in a tub very often.

"I will confess that I have gone longer than a week," Claire Read More >>>