Bayonetta 2 chapter 3 gameplay

May 24, 2020 0

Bayonetta surfs it up in Paradiso, dodging pieces of buildings, and battling a giant angel swimming beneath the surface of the waves. The level looks very beautiful, with clear blue skies and amazing looking water. […]

Jason’s Top Ten Video Games of the Decade

May 24, 2020 0

The 2010’s were packed with great gaming experiences. Now we’re looking back at our favorite titles as the decade comes to a close. Top notch It’s easy these days to say that ‘fill in the […]

Shadows: Heretic Kingdom (PC) Preview

May 24, 2020 0

Shadows: Heretic Kingdom could be considered (okay, in all honesty it is) a Diablo III clone. However, there are a few interesting takes and several mechanics that I could see being very cool once the […]

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