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Water Births May be Risky, Doctors' Groups Say

The low-tech approach to delivering babies in one Amish community may offer clues on how to safely reduce the rate of Cesarean-section deliveries in the United States, researchers say.

The study examined Read More >>>

Autism Risk May Be Revealed in Babies' Cries

The pitch of babies' cries may provide clues as to whether they are at risk for autism as early as 6 months old, a new study suggests.

The researchers recorded cries from 39 6-month old infants, 21 of Read More >>>

Drugs Used in Newborns Need Better Study, Docs Say

Giving underweight babies iron supplements may reduce their risk of behavioral problems later in life, a new Swedish study has found.

The study found that low-birth-weight babies who did not receive Read More >>>

Baby's Liquor Consumption Leads to Hospitalization

An 8-week-old infant in Los Angeles became ill after his father allegedly mixed the baby's formula with gin instead of water by accident.

Although it's not clear whether the father was telling the truth, Read More >>>

Baby Cured of HIV: What Are the Implications?

The announcement that a baby in Mississippi has been allegedly cured of an HIV infection could have implications for other HIV-infected infants, and perhaps even adults, according to experts.

But before Read More >>>

New Moms' OCD Is Common, Study Suggests

New moms who repeatedly check their babies' breathing, or worry about germs in their bottles may be reassured to know that these thoughts and behaviors are common, a new study suggests.

The results show Read More >>>

Colic in Babies Linked with Later Migraines

Some babies who cry incessantly may be experiencing an early form of a migraine headache, a new study from France suggests.

In the study, children ages 6 to 18 who visited an emergency room for migraine Read More >>>